What is Reko Retreat

Reko retreat is a form of development for a short period of time where we meet, grow, eat and experience things outside our paradigm “right”. We are encountering new ways of dealing with economics in the fourth industrial revolution. The weekend is pragmatic with the aim of helping you who are looking for new ways to gain a proper insight and understanding of the change we are facing, as well as to make new social international ties and contacts. We meet in Barcelona Airport 18 00 and part at the same airport on Sunday at 15 00. We have invited mentors and Coaches on site. Everything is included in the price, food, accommodation, excursion, transport. You bring good mood, insurance, laptop or similar to work with IT. We can accommodate 9 people max per occasion. Welcome!

Is it possible to get out of our paradigm and update ourselves in the new operating systems that are at hand. It is not only possible but also our historical obligation and our moral calling to prepare the way for the new generation and time. By meeting outside our “usual” environment and during an intensive weekend getting the impression and knowledge of the new way of acting and working, it is easier to seize the new opportunities that are at hand. Listen HERE

We have meetings where we use the language Spanish as a bridge builder during a weekend. Are you one of those who have studied Spanish but never got the language to work. Now is your chance here. We gather with a group that speaks Spanish and combines a weekend with culture, good food, new international contacts and a host of new experiences in the form of excursions to special places and authentic encounters with the indigenous population, unforgettable meetings where we practice Spanish in a safe environment. For more information please book a time to talk to us online for free HERE

New opportunities to work and earn income in the new operating systems, we have weekend courses for you who are looking for a good safe opportunity to obtain finance in the new era. We introduce you to mentors and coaches in the sector you are looking for. We have courses for you who like health and a positive Life Style that we organize with the non-profit organization Klubb Life Style Press HERE
We have weekend courses that we organize with DeVi Coacher where we update ourselves in the new era and have a ten hour course included, press HERE for more information on content.
We have courses in CashBack and the opportunity to take part in the building of a brand new Shopping Community, we have mentors and Coaches who come along during the weekend activity. You can book a moment to talk to us online by booking a free consultation HERE

Sounds exciting! We have different courses during 2019 and 2020. We have a plan but can change dates as we see it necessary to best adapt to the needs of the group. You can book your place in our upcoming course by clicking the link HERE. We send out a booking confirmation and announce at least two weeks before the start of the course that you send in your booking confirmation and tell in which flight you arrive so we can have good control over times and logistics.

You can contact us HERE

Do you need to connect to yourself and Nature and you are looking for a unique authentic place in Spain, press HERE

Do you want to know more about what we study when we meet in retreats; Press HERE

We wish you the best and hopefully we see you soon on one of our upcoming retreats. Welcome!