Topics and Coarses

Devi Coaching; For those who want to update you in the new era, generally and gain better insight and tools to work. We study, train, meet people who are already living with the new operating systems in this way, we get a good insight into how and why it can be interesting. Press HERE

New opportunities for economy and stability in the new age; We present Mentors and Coaches who work in companies that operate in the new era that deepens our knowledge of various companies’ forms and models so that we can make our modern economy work. When we fly next to two eagles, we become an eagle too. This weekend gives you an insight into how and why it is important to break away from a previous model that no longer works and gives us tools and contacts to take the step out and into an alternative economy.

Spanish Culture Weekend; An excellent opportunity for those who have studied Spanish but still not made it work. For those who want to practice and have a nice time and meet new culture and social meetings over a weekend. For you or you we have a weekend where you always find yourself at the airport where we leave you again on Sunday. In between you have a variety of meetings with culture, food, exciting places and a lot of meetings with Spanish culture where you have the opportunity to practice and practice your skills in the Spanish language.

Abre tu mente y píntate a ti mismo Alma. Annelie Malm es una artista autodidacta que pinta de manera muy abstracta en técnicas de pintura mixtas. Annelie es un líder de curso experimentado y está con nosotros para y cuando estemos listos.

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